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Taking over hazardous waste

Managing hazardous waste is no longer a problem
Managing hazardous waste is no longer a problem
Appropriately storing and disposing of hazardous waste is an ever-growing problem for companies. Make a mistake and there is a definite risk of heavy fines!
The European Union pays special attention to the protection of the environment; there are hundreds of decrees covering this area, with more annually. As a responsible entrepreneur, is preserving wildlife important to you?
Are you protecting the environment? By professionally handling hazardous waste you can avoid fines and maintain your reputation as an environmentally responsible company.
I will solve the hazardous waste issue myself! But how?
Storing hazardous waste the right way
Storing hazardous waste the right way
If you care about the management of hazardous waste, you are acting in a farsighted way. Social and environmental responsibility is of increasing importance for companies. This is partly because, today’s customers’ decisions are greatly influenced by the environmental behaviour and attitudes of the supplier.

Many entrepreneurs face the problem that in wanting to turn their company green, they need to solve the problem of hazardous waste, but in reality, don't know where to start.
It is essential to lay down a complex system in order to consider every detail. This ensures the environmental and green credentials of the company, and at the same time improve efficiency and hence profitability.

It is essential to ensure the correct storage and disposal of hazardous waste. It is also very important to know which waste is to be considered as hazardous.
Avoid fines!
Insufficient attention to this key issue can put your employees at risk. Harmful chemicals and unprofessional handling may lead to personal injury, even resulting in legal procedures.
There are of course solutions to all of these issues, you just need to know where to find them.
Good news: Waste management also has its experts
It is not necessary to develop a complete new set of waste management skills. A company’s strength is its products and production; this should be its focus, rather than being consumed by the paperwork and transport issues relating to hazardous materials. A better solution is to leave the company's waste to experts who know exactly how to deal with it.
Storing hazardous waste the wrong way
Storing hazardous waste the wrong way
It is probably not realistic to study all the information and solution options for hazardous waste handling, however, this is not a defence if things go wrong. Similarly, the loss of precious time detracts from making the company successful and profitable. A day has only 24 hours, which is not always enough to gain a profound knowledge in all fields of the business.
Experts get the job done on time!
A professional team is always an advantage for a company, and the most important starting point is to choose the best team for the job. Once created, the road to success is open.
Waste management is a complex task requiring versatility, considerable research, and experience to make it successful. The various waste types must be handled correctly, stored appropriately and often separately. Getting this wrong is a danger to employees, and the surrounding environment, and is likely to result in significant fines or even prison terms. Rozsdás Kft. has been managing waste safely for 25 years.
Precise and experienced waste management
Our waste management company has several decades of experience, and we continue to research the best solutions in order to provide a valid, environment-friendly waste management plan for your company.
We offer tailor-made, customer-oriented waste management services that, with a little attention, can bring considerable savings.
What we offer:
  • 'All-in-one' service that takes the burden from your shoulders. A “one stop shop” where we solve the problems and address the waste issues. Rozsdás Kft. provides complete solutions for all the waste management problems.
  • We offer certified and insured work
Storing hazardous waste the right way
Storing hazardous waste the right way
  • Third-party insurance for environmental pollution of HUF 50 million
  • We have the following certificates:
    • ISO 9001 quality control
    • ISO 14001 environmental control system
  • Our work requires great precision and attention to detail as we know that hazardous waste poses an environmental risk.
  • Flexible transport and scheduling according to your needs.
  • Cost-efficient and appropriately costed solutions
  • With our free consulting and information services, your company will always be aware of any changes in the legal environment and its related responsibilities.
Why choose Rozsdás Kft?
We believe that success should not be taken for granted, it always has to be worked for. All companies are different so we carry out a very detailed survey; our knowledge and experience, a flexible approach and versatility ensures yours and our success. Perhaps this is the secret of our 100% Hungarian owned enterprise?
We work with a cross-functional team, i.e. we have skilled experts for all the subtasks of waste management. Our economists, ADR consultants and environmental engineers are all working for a successful outcome, your success.
Waste management is our challenge, not your problem 
Cheap solutions could jeopardise your company
Storing hazardous waste the wrong way
Storing hazardous waste the wrong way

Not only are cheap solutions likely to be illegal, but customers are increasingly sensitive to what they see as poor environmental behaviour. Often taking their purchases somewhere else.
Not including the risks to employees who are also able to make choices, as well as potential legal costs from any actions.

In the long run, selecting the appropriate management package is likely to be both the most profitable and the best insurance.
Find a solution for hazardous waste management in one sweep! 
Choose a professional company that will quickly and effectively carry out an environmental assessment and analyse the health and safety aspects of hazardous materials produced by your company.
Rozsdás Kft. will then supply relevant comprehensive information, and continue to consult on any future issues.
How much does it cost?
We handle each company individually, so a personal consultation is always required to provide a detailed and dedicated quotation.
Besides our commitment to you, we offer cost-effective solutions and see ourselves as having a key role in in the success of your company through the professional handling of all your hazardous waste.

If you are aware of a waste management problem, or would just like to check your current procedures, please contact us for an immediate response.