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ADR safety consulting by experts, the simple way

As per Appendices A and B of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), laid down in 2013:
Packaging, storing, moving and transporting of dangerous(ADR classified) goods, and waste are also considered as "carriage".
As for dangerous goods and dangerous waste, if 1,000 kg is stored at the same site at a time, as per Nr. 2/2002. (11 January) Government Decree, a consultant for the carriage of dangerous goods, or ADR safety consultant shall be assigned.
The ADR safety consultant shall be registered at the National Transport Authority (NKH) registry, AND the entrepreneur shall report their contract with the Safety Consultant as well as the validity term of the contract to NKH.
Carriage of dangerous goods
Carriage of dangerous goods​

If the entrepreneur fails to fulfil this obligation, the manager of the company will be fined HUF 400,000, according to government decree 156/2009 (29 July), Appendix 5, Table 5.

   What are the benefits of assigning Rozsdás Kft. as an ADR safety consultant? 
Rozsdás will provide the following services:
  1. provide practical advice in creating an ADR-compliant site.
  2. help you develop the necessary processes for managing dangerous goods.
  3. offer guidance for building collection and storage areas that comply with the regulations in effect.
  4. continuously inform you about the changes in the legal environment.
  5. prepare your annual reports for NKH.
If you require detailed information or need an ADR safety consultant, we can recommend one for you.