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Our company's history

The founders of Rozsdás Kft. started their activity in 1988. Before the change of the political system, they worked for the Recycling and Waste Management Company (MÉH) of the East Hungarian region, a well-established waste management company. Later, they became private entrepreneurs using their gained experience, foresight and perspective on the recycling and waste management industry; Rozsdás Bt. was found as a result in 1989.

Kiállítás Albáni, Tirana 2013
Exhibition in Tirana, Albania, 2013
​The company started its operation in the city of Abony and its surrounding region, primarily dealing with the wholesale and retail trading of ferrous, non-ferrous metal and paper waste. From the beginning, our company has been processing waste from its corporate and entrepreneurial partners (Tiszamenti Vegyi Művek – Tisza Region Chemical Plant Company, Szolmet, Közép Tiszavidéki Vízügyi Igazgatóság – Middle Tisza Region Water Directorate, Mezőgép Trust's factory in Szolnok, etc.). The company has taken part in the demolition of factories and industrial facilities (Kecskeméti Kádgyár – Bathing tub factory in Kecskemét, Délalföldi Volán Vállalat – Volán carrier, Southern Plain Region), Egervin Borgazdaság Gépészeti Üzem – Egervin Vineyard Machine Factory, Ganz Anszaldo Budapest Lövő Utcai, Szentendre Utcai Gyáregységei – Ganz Factory Sites, etc.); these activities all contributed to the growth and experience obtained by Rozsdás Kft. As a result of the company's success, we further invested in combined transport and loading equipment, and a larger 1-hectare site in the city of Abony for the transport and storage of the handled waste.
In 1995, the company management made the decision to introduce a new corporate form; Rozsdás Kft was established and the company started to participate in several public procurement tenders, becoming an important player of the waste management team for the Hungarian Railways (MÁV). The disassembly and removal of industrial facilities continued (Szobi Szörpgyár – Szobi Syrup Factory, Paks Konzervgyár (Packaging plant in the city of Paks ), Salgótarjáni Síküveggyár – "Salgglas" plate-glass factory in the city of Salgótarján, the Siemens factory in Budapest, etc.) with more partners joining the company for reliable and quality work.
The second site opened in the city of Kisújszállás in 2003, on a 2.4-hectare site. This city was chosen following a preliminary market research. Within a few years, this site has become the leading ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling plant, satisfying the community, public corporations and the companies concerned.
In the period between 2003 and 2009, several larger Hungarian and international companies joined us as partners, demanding comprehensive waste management services. It is Rozsdás’s intention to satisfy all conditions and requirements as well as installing and developing the necessary technical tools. We forward most of the purchased waste to management facilities abroad (in Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria), where the waste is turned into raw materials, reducing the environmental load.
As of 2010, after a comprehensive site development, we obtained licenses for collecting and processing of more than 700 types of hazardous materials. The types of hazardous waste our company is entitled to collect can be found under the Our Licenses menu. Types of waste include batteries, oil-contaminated clothes, absorbent materials, waste oil, emulsions, thinner, paint waste, acidic and alkali solutions, contaminated package material waste, etc.
Meanwhile, we have made numerous developments and investments:
◦opened a car wrecking yard, accredited by the Hungarian National Transport Authority, in the city of Abony,
◦installed a 500 ton LEFORT shear baler machine,
Kiállítás Franciaország, Párizs
Exhibition in Paris, France
​ adapted a baling machine for the casting preparation of non-ferrous metals,
◦almost unprecedented in Hungary, we process cable waste using a state-of-the-art GUIDETTI machine, thus achieving ZERO emission,
◦adopted the ISO 9001 quality control system,
◦adopted the ISO 14001 environmental control system,
◦purchased new cab riser type DOOSAN rotating loading machines,
◦constructed a waste processing building of 1200 sq. m.
With another machine acquisition project under way, our sites are kept in good order with continuous regular annual developments and updating. The company regularly attends international exhibitions and conferences in order to be aware of the newest available technologies and machinery. In the last eight years, we have visited Beijing and its vicinity several times; been to Cologne, Dublin, Birmingham, Bucharest, Istanbul, Prague, Moscow, Paris and several smaller countries to see the systems and processes used that could be adopted and used in our work in Hungary. We encourage our colleagues to obtain new skills and support their training as we believe that quality work can only be done by a well-trained staff.
We consider caring for and protecting our environment, as well as education to create environmentally aware young people, to be of utmost importance. At both sites, we are at the service of the community five days a week so that unnecessary household items containing metal should not be discarded by the roadsides but be recycled for further manufacturing. Every six months, we organise waste collection programmes and waste management talks in schools.
The company endeavours to respond to the environmental standards both in work and in private life. Furthermore, we support several sports and cultural events, contributing to a more colourful cultural and public life.
Kirándulás Gödöllő kisújszállási dolgozók
Excursion to Gödöllő – Our colleagues from Kisújszállás