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Precise and professional waste management

​Excessive waste production is an ever-growing problem in production and manufacturing. The amount of waste is growing day by day, causing irrecoverable damage to the environment. However, no industrial operation or production is possible without producing waste.
The question is: what can your company do with the waste?

Any thoughtful company is aware of how much waste it is producing during its activities as well as how difficult its storage and transport can be. A large amount of waste is harmful to the environment; it maybe flammable, explosive and is often dangerous, therefore, special handling is necessary. Unprofessional waste management is not only harmful to the environment but can lead to considerable fines in case of an inspection by the authorities.
Producing waste is inevitable but environmental pollution can be avoided!
Loading a container destined for India
Loading a container destined for India

​Production waste, used machinery, scrapped cars, hazardous industrial waste, household metal waste... as many kinds of waste there are, all require different management technologies.
Chemicals, electronic components, cables need different processes... even the disassembly of a used car results in thousands of waste management issues, not to mention the complex administrative tasks involved.

Additionally, the European Union is inspecting waste management very strictly, and it takes a talented individual to find a way through its complex regulations.

Would you prefer concentrating on the results of your work instead of the waste produced? Would you like to operate with good conscience?
Almost certainly, you have also considered waste management as a source of problems; but you could even benefit from it. Have you ever thought of heating using waste wood?

From waste to saving
Preparing a container for transport to India
Preparing a container for transport to India
​Many companies do not recognise the considerable differences they can make in their activities with just a little attention. But we already know this: Environmentally aware waste management leads not only to moral benefit but can also lead to considerable savings. A well laid out, flexible plan based on recycling can reduce your costs to a minimum. Leave the waste to us! Rozsdás Kft. has been working in the field of waste management for 25 years. We have participated in large-scale projects as demolishers, waste carriers, waste purchasers, waste traders, waste managers or environmental consultants.
Why us?
  • We have up-to-date information on the European Union laws and environmental regulations.
  • With our modern machinery, we can take on any management and transport work in a professional way.
  • Rozsdás Kft. is able to complete all aspects of the administrative tasks in part or entirely.
  • We can assume the responsibility of complying with the environmental regulations.
  • Recycling is our common goal: we will recover materials considered as waste using state-of-the-art technology, minimising the environmental load.

Which waste is hazardous? Which one is not? Don't try to guess! Leave waste management to professionals!
Our company has several sites and takes on the following waste management activities throughout the whole country:
Industrial waste processing
Industrial waste processing​
  • buying waste
  • waste transport
  • waste management
  • collecting, carrying and handling of hazardous waste
  • demolition of industrial steel structures
  • selling dead stocks, semi-finished goods
  • taking over car wrecks, professional disassembly
  • cable waste processing
  • waste management consulting

Waste management is a complex job. Therefore, our team consists of experts including highly educated economists and environmental management engineers; all the fields necessary for the comprehensive problem solutions.

You are always Number 1
We know there are no two companies the same; therefore we consider each order uniquely, elaborating the appropriate waste management method together with the customer, in order to make everything as simple and professional as possible.

During our decade long operation, we have worked with hundreds of customers, who in almost every case, contacted us again later when they needed expert advice.

What do you get if you choose Rozsdás Kft?
  1. Flexibility. All operational processes are scheduled according to the customer's needs in every case,
  2. Versatility. Since our company has a wide range of experts available, we can minutely solve every task related to waste management.
  3. Ongoing free consulting and information on the changes of regulations, and to ensure that you are aware of the optimum solutions.
  4. We offer precision and attentiveness in our work. We are aware of the risks posed by industrial waste and we know exactly how to deal with it.
  5. Certified and insured activity (ISO 9001 quality control and ISO 14001 environmental management system, third-party insurance for environmental pollution of HUF 50 million).

​The quality of our work is proven by the success of our applications for several European Union development programmes. As a result, we are at your disposal with state-or-the-art machinery.

We perform all tasks from planning to carriage and administrative duties. The responsibility is taken by us: hazardous waste poses no more threats to your company.

We have never seen an unsolvable problem, and are always looking forward to meeting the next challenge!

Together, we can find the best professional, precise and environmentally friendly solution to your waste management problems.