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Industrial demolition

Rapid and precise demolition of factories, plants and machinery
Having problems utilising your empty plant? Is the structure of your buildings outdated, or inappropriate for installing the desired manufacturing capacity? Would you like to modify it for improved usage, or have it demolished, but do not know how to implement it?
Industrial demolition, survey
Industrial demolition, survey

​An experienced team can address the many issues and advise you of the safest and most effective course of action. 
During demolition works, there are several potentials problems if you are not well prepared for the task: narrow spaces, utility lines, dangerous trees, areas to be protected, and many others. Even if you consider everything, there can be various unexpected situations that have to be solved on the spot.
Why choose Rozsdás Kft?
During recent years, Rozsdás Kft. has taken part in the demolition of the steel structure of numerous factories and plants, as well as the disassembly of machines and equipment, all contributing to the development and growth of our company.
Industrial demolition, survey
Industrial demolition, survey
Instead of vague words, let us show some of our references – without listing all:
  • Kecskemét Kádgyár (Bathing tub factory in Kecskemét),
  • Ganz Anszaldo sites in:
    • Budapest Lövő utca,
    • Szentendrei utca
  • Szobi Szörpgyár plants (Szobi Syrup Factory),
  • Paks Konzervgyár buildings (packaging-plant in the city of Paks),
  • Salgótarjáni Síküveggyár units (plate-glass factory in the city of Salgótarján),
  • Replacing bridge cranes at Siemens factory in Budapest,
  • Machines of Délalföldi Volán (Volán carrier, Southern Plain Region),
  • Equipment at Egervin Borgazdaság Gépészeti Üzem (Egervin Vineyard Machine Factory)
  • Radio towers and communication antennas of different heights,
  • Pécs Bútorgyár (furniture factory in the city of Pécs)
  • Szolnok Bútorgyár (furniture factory in the city of Szolnok), etc…
    Industrial demolition, waste loading/unloading
    Industrial demolition, waste loading/unloading
  • Pécs Bútorgyár
  • Szolnok Bútorgyár stb…

We have unparalleled experience in the implementation of steel structure demolition in Hungary, and we are always looking forward to meeting the next challenge.
Additionally, we also offer help in the sale and purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous metal raw materials and semi-finished goods, dead stock and unused machines, equipment produced at production plants and manufacturers.